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Record and replay events in IoT apps

f3js-logs is an accompanying library and web interface for f3.js-based IoT applications that records and replays events with optional videos.

If you are a programmer, writing the following lines of code makes the app record and upload event information to the logs.f3js.org server. (here, pairs of the 'hello world!' message and the date time when the message was emitted.)

var f3logs = require('f3js-logs');

// called when the button is pushed.
function onButtonPush() {
  f3logs.print('hello world!');

The time-coded event logs are useful for debugging the applications.

Create demo videos for IoT apps

If you are a user of a f3js-logs-enabled IoT application, you can record a video of yourself interacting with the application and play it within this website, accompanied with captions showing the event logs.

The resulting video with captions can be used as a demonstration video without tedious manual captioning process.

What is f3.js?

f3.js is a web-based IDE for IoT apps that enables their parametric design with its code-centric approach.

Within f3.js, JavaScript source code defines every aspect of the applications - not only programs of microcontrollers and tiny computers but also physical layouts of enclosures of the devices.

The user can customize the parameters of the JavaScript code and build the IoT apps that perfectly match their needs.

f3js-logs takes advantage of the parametric approach of f3.js, enabling user authentication with zero cost.

For more details on f3.js, please visit its website.




f3js-logs prototype system was demonstrated at the venue. Its abstract is available as PDF.

You can reach more detailed news on Twitter @f3jsorg.


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